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Valley International Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. has been established to provide wide array of educational services to prospective customers under the one roof. We keep an eye to the clients' convenience in terms of location, task burden and time efficiency. The core objective of the institution is to help its clients polish and shine their capabilities in educational advancement, primarily in filling the gaps there may be in getting admissions in reputed educational institutions and in succeeding in competitive examinations of various nature. We offer authentic and effective services especially in the following areas: educational counseling, preparation classes in international languages, preparations for Public Service Commission (PSC) and Teacher Service Commission (TSC) examinations, and vocational training. 

The institution's first and foremost aim is to provide competent, experienced and reliable counselors who can assist and guide the prospective students who are willing to pursue their higher education abroad by providing authentic information and analysis of the colleges and universities  abroad that this institution represents. Moreover, our counselors inform the clients about the courses they want to do, about the colleges where they want to study and about the country and its culture, geography, demography, study and job ethics etc.

Similarly, the institution's second purpose is to offer preparation classes for IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, CAE, Korean Language (TOPIK & Sejong Hakdang 세종학당), Japanese Language (NAT), JLPT examinations to those students who want to improve their language proficiency, which they may require for study, working or immigration purposes.  We venture to bring out the maximum potential of the test taker out by creating both motivating and compelling kind of environment to do enough practice required for the test.

The institution’s third purpose is to offer early-stage vocational training to those who want to go abroad for vocational and academic studies as well as work. It is to help students demonstrate their skills and improve their early success of employment in the destination country. 

The fourth aim is to conduct Public Service Commission (PSC) examination preparation classes, which are taken by the Government of Nepal to recruit government employees, and also Teacher Service Commission (TSC) examination preparation classes taken by Government of Nepal to recruit qualified teachers in Nepali public education system. This institute has gained its fame in Nepal due to its outstanding performance in delivering these programs.



To be known nationally and internationally in the field of transitioning people from an ordinary space to the extraordinary space.



To be a center of excellence in academic, vocational and career transition training.



"The results are rewarded, not the efforts"

“Excel in everything you do”



  • To provide high quality expert counseling to students who aspire to study abroad.
  • To excel in English, Korean and Japanese language and other test preparation trainings.
  • To excel in Public Service Commission (PSC)and Teacher Service Commission (TSC) examination preparatory training.
  • To introduce goal-driven instructions, proven pedagogical practices, and ICT accelerated learning in teaching-learning environment.
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