Education Counselling

Educational Counseling  

Valley International Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. provides educational counseling to prospective candidates through TITI trained experts who are willing to pursue higher studies abroad. They could expect authentic, reliable, up-to-date information about the programs of the colleges and universities it represents, including those about courses, fees, scholarship schemes, rules-and-regulations of the institution, facilities, accommodation, etc. The prospective candidates will also be informed about the culture, geography, demography, part time job system, rules and regulations of the country one intends to go.

The counseling service also guides the prospective students in documenting their credentials. the candidates will be made aware of the list of documents they need and where and how they would be obtained from.

At present we are engaged with educational institutions of Australia, Canada, China, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, Germany, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malta, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, UK, USA, and this list continues to grow with time. We provide counseling services that involve the following  major components:

  1. Preliminary Counseling: Identification of student interest and areas of strengths, proven track records, country of interest, timings and deadlines, financial strength and providing available options for study and contemplation.
  2. Credential Mapping: Detailed investigation of documents, requirements of institutions, language requirement matching, inquiry with institutions, identification of potential programs and institutions.
  3. Gap Analysis and Remediation: Identification of gaps in language, academics, and skill sets, delivery of training programs in the areas requiring remediation, preparing candidate for eventual success in the program.
  4. Application Processing and Visa Possession: Preparing complete sets of documentation, preparing application and sending to foreign institutions, facilitation and bridging between the applicant and the institution during application processing, fee transactions and application for Visa for successful candidates,
  5. Post-visa care and support: Facilitation of travel, settlement counselling, counselling for part-time job, monitoring of progress, information to family members, constant communication with students, and remediation of difficulties in collaboration with the program offering institutions.
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