Success Story

This is a significant success story that, on the first batch of test examination, 98% students trained in this center were able to achieve Level 1 or 2, while vast majority gaining Level 2.

In EPS TOPIK track our center produces the largest number of successful candidates in Nepal.

Among the students who have joined Japanese institutions, at least 3-4 students every semester have been able to demonstrate outstanding results in their respective institutions and obtain full-scholarships for their studies. Among the students who have studied Japanese language in our center, about 65% students are able to successfully join Japanese institutions.

Students go to Korea in two tracks – English track through IELTS, and Korean track through TOPIK. More than 50% students who study English in our center succeed to go to Korea, 30% to Australia & New Zealand, and small numbers go to many different countries throughout the world for work and study.

When looking in Nepal’s internal public service sector, our students make up the largest number of successful candidates in Banking, Teacher Service Commission, also outstanding results in Public Service Examination.

The credit to all these successes go to the quality of our Valley Team.

Success Story
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